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  • Status of Statue of Equality – a Brief Report

Status of Statue of Equality – a Brief Report

April 20th, 2019|Comments Off on Status of Statue of Equality – a Brief Report

The construction of the "Statue of Equality" is moving at a systematic pace. Construction workers, engineers, masons and others are working hard in various [...]

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A thousand years ago, in a society riddled with blatant casteist oppression, one man championed the cause of the downtrodden.

One man single highhandedly heralded a cultural storm, bearing the touch of original Vedic knowledge
One man opened the doors of the temples wide to the hitherto banned “untouchables”.
And today,  millions come together to pay tribute to this one man,  this one man,  this saint nonpareil who paved the way for a modern, inclusive spiritual awakening.
Today, Sri Ramanujacharya Swamy is more than a holy name. He is a beacon of the equality and hope for the generations to come.

” Sri Ramanuja’s steadfast principles captivated me to envisage this mission to be accomplished for his 1000th birth anniversary in 2017, realizing it for a divine person who played a monumental role in diminishing disparities among humans.”- Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

A towering 216 feet panchaloha statue of Sri Ramanujacharya is on the rise, to be installed at Sriramnagar, Shamshabad, Hyderabad,  adjacent to Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s  asramam. The cornerstone of what is soon to be one of the tallest sitting statue in the world, is the concept of equality.

We appeal to you, devotees, decision makers and cognizant citizens of the world to join hands with us and make this millennial feat a success. A project of such splendor and magnitude calls for a wealth of funds and contributions and we look to the generosity of our patrons for the same. The names of our noble benefactors will be etched on the walls as a mark of the collective gratitude of the generations to come.

Together, let us create history and immortalize equality.

Today, we take the ability to worship God and chant Manthra as a right. However, it was His revolutionary act that has led us to take temple worship for granted and rightfully so.

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Sri Ramanuja’s doctrine of equality propelled me to take up the life’s mission of constructing this Statue of Equality – an equality of gender, caste, religions and race in the benevolence of the Almighty.
HH Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

“Ramanuja was one of the prominent social reformers of India who stood for equality”

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

“Ramunaja’s tradition is one of the main arteries through which philosophy flowed down to the masses”

Karl H Potter an American Indologist

Sri Ramanujacharyaji broke the subtle prejudice of His times. His thinking was much ahead of His era. In more than one sense Santh Ramanujacharya was a millennial sage who foresaw a thousand years before the hidden and un-spelt out aspirations of the downtrodden. He realised the need to include the socially excluded outcasts and the divyangs to not only make the religion, but the society itself, whole and complete.

There was a time in Tirucharipalli, at Sri Rangam the entire temple management was administered by only one particular high caste. Sant Sri Ramanujacharya displayed bravery and showed His poweress by completely changing the entire system of adminstration. He did this 1000 years ago.

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Narendra Modiji (Prime Minister)

“Then came the brilliant Ramanuja. Ramanuja’s heart was greater. He felt for the downtrodden, he sympathised with them. He took up the ceremonies, the accretions that had gathered, made them pure so far as they could be, and instituted new ceremonies, new methods of worship, for the people who absolutely required them. At the same time he opened the door to the highest; spiritual worship from the Brahmin to the Pariah. That was Ramanuja’s work. That work rolled on, invaded the North, was taken up by some great leaders there. You may mark one characteristic since the time of Ramanuja — the opening of the door of spirituality to  everyone.”        

Swami Vivekananda

..and we now need the brilliant Ramanuja, the ambassador of equality, the epitome of wisdom, an ocean of compassion, the most exemplary human as a teaching, as a message, as an inspiration for now and for the generations to come so that the world becomes a better place”


“If India rediscovered its vedic spiritual self, it was not a little because of Sri Ramanuja”

Swami Ramakrishnanda

“Probably the most influential thinker of devotional Hinduism”

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