The flights landing in and taking off from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad are already witnessing the 216 feet tall statue of Bhagavad Ramanujacharya hailing gloriously!  Amidst serene and divine atmosphere, Vedic hymns and grazing cows,  the Statue of Equality is getting ready to give hope, help and inspiration for all those in need.

As you already are aware, the 216 feet Statue of Bhagavad Ramanujacharya is complete!

250 artisans are setting up the pink stone (obtained from the surroundings of Mount Abu, Rajasthan) on the stage (Bhadra vedi) and the 108 steps leading to the statue!

The first floor of Bhadra vedi which will host the 120 Kg of golden deity of Ramanujacharya is also getting ready in a very stunning star shaped pillars crafted with creeper styled crafts!

As we know, the 108 centres of inspiration (108 temples, the Divya Desams) can all be witnessed at one location, i.e. Statue of Equality!

  • Stone carving work for 89 divya desams are in progress.
  • Out of the 89, the construction work of 50 divya desams is in progress.
  • Out of these 50, construction and roof stone work are complete for 7 divya desams.
  • Vimana Gopuram work (the monumental tower of the temple) has begun for the 7 divya desams!
  • 300 artisans at the SOE site, 180 artisans in the surroundings of Kotappa konda, 30 artisans nearby Yadadri are all working dedicated towards this.

The Divya Desa mandap, porch-like structure that runs connecting all the 108 Divya Desams is also getting ready. The foundation is in progress.

The pillars of this mandap are architected in beautiful Hoysala style!

Other areas of work including mechanical, electrical, plumbing is being designed in accordance with the current stage of the construction.

Plans to conserve all rain water that gets accumulated are also in discussion.

Parking area planning and 3D projection mapping work is in progress.

Satvik prasad (tasty and healthy food) will also be arranged for all the visitors!!

Why wait till you see the final product of all this effort? Please come have a peek and experience the rich tradition, wise and pious culture at JIVA premises!

Remember, as Swamiji always said – this is our project. It reflects who we are and where we originate from. It is aimed at preserving our wisdom for generations together. This is all a result of generous donors, and their care and respect for the roots of our culture. If you would like to contribute, please click here! Be proud for becoming a part of this magnificent work!

– Update obtained from Chief Architect, Sriman Prasad Sthapathy ji ( 26th July 2018 ) !