Time has come for an important milestone moment in the construction of Statue of Equality. Construction of “Golden” Bhagavad Ramanuja has started.

In the memory of 120 eventful golden years of lifespan of Bhagavad Ramanuja, our acharya HH Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji took the decision to install Bhagavad Ramanuja made of 120 kilos of gold. You may question why spend crores of money on a project such as this instead of donating for poor and needy. When one knows the importance of the knowledge shared by Ramanujacharya and the kind of inspiration he is, everyone will undoubtedly applaud a centre such as this in our country as a mark of our true identity. This knowledge centre will become the world’s icon to guide human kind to peace and happiness! It is not aimed at just feeding poor for a day, it is aimed at erasing misery of any person!

Please note that hundreds of volunteers work day in and day out in serving many people in need such as visually challenged students, health camps for early detection in cancer for more lakhs of women till date, satvik prasad (food) served everyday in multiple asrams for free (JIVA, Badari, Vijayawada, Nadigaddepalem and more!). These are only a few examples of where the direct support is provided to those in needy. This project is aimed at a permanent cure for all kinds of ‘illness’ in humans. This project will become India’s pride preserving the culture, values and extremely rich, vibrant, flawless and powerful path to bliss!

Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi Construction Project UpdatesTo take part in this mission of acharya, many International companies came forward. After extensively researching the various capabilities of those companies in detail for 3 days,Finally, a company from China was chosen & agreed upon, due to their vast experience in creation of statues made of gold.

After preliminary work in China, the experts from the company, with necessary tools & equipment, will start work on creation of the golden statue of Ramanuja in the premises of Sahasrabdi project. So far, many devotees have submitted gold as donation for this purpose. For other devotees who want to be part of this wonderful cause, who want to submit gold as donation, this is the right time & a “golden” opportunity.

For the creation of “Dark Ride” based on the theme of Life History of Bhagavad Ramanuja, in the ground floor of Bhadravedi, in accordance with HH Sri Swamiji’s “concept”, to make it into reality appealing to young, old & everyone, a wide-ranging interesting discussion was held for 5 days at Sahasrabdi premises that included experienced personnel from Disneyland America, experts from Telugu Film Industry & great scholars.

Also, several options are being considered to create multiple museums with state-of-the-art technology in the 2nd floor of Bhadravedi. HH Sri Swamiji examined few proposals submitted by China team for this purpose & suggested several ideas.

Inspite of weatherly obstacles in the form of Lord Varuna showering multiple rains, construction of Divya Desams is going on at rapid pace, with our skilled sculptors working day & night with great determination.