Making of Statue of Equality

Vimana Gopura and more…, Don’t miss this exclusive and detailed update!

Deity Sculpting Begins for Centres of Inspiration

Inauguration of Vimana, the Structures over the 108 Inner-Sanctums!

Hampi, Kumbhakonam and more – Uniqueness of Statue of Equality!

Divya desam

Statue of Equality Divya Desam Temple Updates

Deity of Ramanujacharya in Gold!

International Seminar on ramanujacharya Day One

International Seminar on ramanujacharya Day Two

International Seminar Day Two

International Seminar on ramanujacharya Day Three

International Seminar concludes – Exclusive Summary and Highlights!

Statue of Equality

Sri Swami Narayana (BAPS) Institution Head, Sriman Mahanth Swamy Visit to Statue of Equality

Foundation for 30 Centres of Inspiration, DivyaDesams Complete – 30 more in progress!

Why is a Swan (Hamsa) used in temple architecture?

Yudhishtar and Dhuryodhan – Both were given an assignment – How did they perform?

Don’t just watch, Do your bit – The Squirrel in Rama Katha!

Magnificent Event – ‘Jala Pavitram’ installed at the top edge of the ‘Tridandam’ at 135 feet high!


When can Knowledge become Power?


First Load of artisan stone for ‘Thiruth thaNkaa’ Divya Desam Arrives!


Gratitude and Sharing – A Dream Come True!


Come, Join Us in Safe-guarding our future in the lap of Divine Wisdom

News of Statue of Equality steps into Albany, NY1 USA

News of Statue of Equality steps into Albany, NY, USA

Polishing of the Statue underway and Dynamic Fountain work picks up the pace!

A Walk into HIS Story!

A Walk into HIS Story!

‘SATARI’, Symbolised Sanctity, Weighing 5 Tonnes – Close to Complete!

Nov 22nd 2017 Updates – Close Up Exceptional Clicks!

216 Feet of Ramanujacharya Statue Now Seen in Complete Posture!

Exclusive updates on The Thirumukham (the face), The Tridandam (flag pole)

162 Feet Tridandam Erection Process Begins


Bhagavad Ramanuja’s Thirumukham enters the Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi site

Royal Elephants getting ready to stage Bhagavad Ramanuja !

HH reaches Tirumala to convey ‘Statue of Equality’ updates and seeks blessings!

Meeting Milestones and Moving Ahead!

Discussion on Lighting for Bhadravedi – Moves into Action from Paper!

‘Entertainment and Enlightenment’ – Second Session Update!

Right knowledge adorns us and Right opportunity revives us! Sculpture progress update – Don’t miss!

‘Divine Conch (Shanku) and Divine Discus (Chakra)’ – Get ready to see 36 of these Shine in Glory!

Internal Structure of the Face On the Way to Site – Special Low Bed Trailer used for the Shipment !

Ramoji Film City CEO meets Sri Swamiji – Discussion on Shows that can Entertain and Enlighten !

Rain Drops Hurry Up to Experience the Site of ‘Statue of Equality’

Rain Drops Hurry Up to Experience the Site of ‘Statue of Equality’

First Discussion on Lighting Design Begins.. – Welcoming Mr.Kevin, Our Lighting Design Consultant!

Chennai Airport awaits 7th Consignment of Ramanuja Statue , State of Equality Updates – Exclusively for you !

This Week – Don’t Miss Making of Tridandam and its Significance – Just for You !

Wait No Longer to Take Part in this Historical Monument – Statue Of Equality

Wait No Longer to Take Part in this Historical Monument – Statue Of Equality

Marvellous Carvings to Serve as the Majestic Stage of Bhagavad Ramanuja

Statue of Equality Project – Fixing of Lotus Petals Fourth Level Completed

Statue Of Equality – Bhagavad Ramanuja’s Tridandam to Appear Soon

PM Modi Released Commemorative Stamp on 1000th Birth Anniversary of Sri Ramanujacharya

Celebrating Equality – Samatha Yatra at Hyderabad

Samatha Yathra @ Sitanagaram, Vijayawada

Ramoji Film City CEO Mr.Rajeev Jalnapurkar Visited Statue Of Equality Site

Statue of Equality Walk in Chennai

Sixth Shipment of Statue of Equality On The Way

Statue of Equality Project – Installation of 18 Elephants Completed

Dynamic Musical Fountain Construction Started

Statue of Equality Project -China Workshop Updates

Construction of 17.7 mts High Structural Erection in Progress

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji Inspected The Statue Of Equality Project Site

Installation of Elephants to Start in 2 Days

Statue of Equality, Statue Assembly Begins in JIVA, Samshabad

Shilpi Stone Work Started Around Bhadravedi Site

HH Swamiji Visits Statue Of Equality Site

Sriman Higreevachary Born Blind Pledged to Donate 5 Lakhs

The Spirit Of Equality Concert

Sriman Higreevachary Born Blind Pledged to Donated 5 Lakh Rupees

Slider Images

A Tribute to Bhagavad Ramanuja – Marathon for the Cause of Statue of Equality

Updates from Statue of Equality Construction Site

Updates On Statue Of Equality Project

Bloomington Officials Announced 28th/Dec/2016 As The Day Of Equality

Statue of Equality Shipment – Batch 1 arrives JIVA Campus

Ramanuja Jayanathi Celebrations @ JIVA on 10 May 2016

Statue of Equality – Sahasrabdi | HH Chinna Jeeyar | Updates on 13th May, 2016

Statue Of Equality Brochure in Making

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji China visit to see the progress of the work

Telangana Home minister Visited to Statue Of Equality Site

Updated Site View 3rd Aug 2016

Updated Site View 14th July 2016



On Site Progress Updates

Sri Ramanuja Statue Preparation in China – 2016

Engineers from China discussing with Swamiji about Statue of Equality plans

Statue of Equality Site Inspected by HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

Foundation Laid on 10 May 2016 for Badhra Vedhi

Ramanuja Sahasrabdi – Foundation Stone Laid