Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi Project is an epic effort undertaken by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami to establish the extremely enriching wisdom that integrates eternal truths with current life without compromising on any aspect!

One sweet aspect of such wisdom which is highly crucial to any learning is ‘sanctifying the thoughts and matching them with actions’.  How do our temples show this aspect?

We have always bowed down to receive the touch of ‘Satari’ in temples. What is the significance of this act? What is the thought behind this physical gesture to bow down?

‘Satari’ or ‘Satakopan’ is the divine feet of Lord. ‘Nammalwar’ is the foremost of alwars. He glorified the Lord’s qualities and appearance through devotion filled pasurams, more than a thousand in number and priceless in value! He is considered as the ‘paada sthaaneeyulu’ of Lord, meaning he is the one to seek refuge if we want Lord’s grace. Let’s think for a second, Do we hold the feet or the head of the person if we want some help from him? Definitely feet, right? So, it is Nammalwar who we hold onto and wait for Lord’s grace. On accepting Satari, our thoughts are purified and sanctified with the touch of the Lord’s feet.

How about when we go to Nammalwar Sannidhi? Who is in the place of ‘Satari’ ? It is Madhurakavi Alwar!

What about in Ramanuja Sannidhi? Who is in the place of ‘Satari’ here? Who is considered as ‘paada sthaaneeyulu’ here? It is ‘Mudaliyandan’. He served Ramanujacharya by administering several tasks as per his orders with absolute perfection. The only exception is in Tirumala where Ramanuja’s divine feet is seen as ‘Anantalwan’. When Ramanujacharya asked if someone can take care of a service related to growing a flower garden and offering flowers in Tirumala temple for Lord Venkateswara, he came forward with utmost sincerity when many others were hesitant!

By bowing down and accepting the touch of ‘Satari’, we seek blessings to sanctify our thoughts thereby getting ready to serve the objectives of the prime deity just like he did.

Mudaliyandan showed us how to serve an acharya’s mission and to what level of dedication. An Acharya’s work aligns with the objectives of Lord. Lord’s objective is only to help us reach a blissful state forever. So, let us serve our Acharya help us by taking part in this great mission!

[From the teachings of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami]

Highlights for this week include:

  • Satari – setting of copper plates completed, polishing to begin.
  • Tridandam – setting of copper plates is in progress
  • Final polishing of the face of Bhagavad Ramanuja is in progress
  • Bhadravedi – Temple complex electrical work in progress

Amazing work being done to inspire many generations on the right way to think and act!

Hope all those who respect and value the rich wisdom shared by Ramanujacharya are contributing and taking part in the making! If not, please check our DONATIONS  page and get involved right away. We seek your support and value your contribution!