Imagine stepping in and walking closer and closer to the inner sanctum of an authentic temple, it gives a very peaceful, energising and pious feel, doesn’t it?

Imagine 108 such temples (Divya Desams, Centres of Inspiration), each one depicting rich history, vibrant form, and great qualities of the Lord sung by devotees – all at one place!

Here are some fascinating updates on the inner sanctum of the temples!

  • 108 Shrines will have the look of golden texture and the Sanctum will be based on stone work.

  • 70 of them have stone carving work in progress and 41 of them have progressed with inner sanctum work as well.

  • 5 Divya Desams have roof stone work of the inner sanctums in progress!
    The roof stone work of an inner sanctum comprises of three sections:

    • Stones are cut and shaped in triangles.
    • The four corners are fixed with these triangular stones in the first round, it’s called ‘kona vattamu’.
    • Second round of setting these stones is called ‘chadura vattamu’, and fills the area between the corners.
    • Third round of setting these stones closes the top of the shrine, these stones are called ‘bramha silalu’.

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji witnessed the laying the ‘bramha silalu’(third set of stones) for Thirukkovalur temple. HH offered His blessings for the place such that it serves the purpose of inspiring and educating people with the right path to live and liberate themselves from hardships. HH also respectfully greeted and honoured the architects and all the team involved in this exquisite, intricate and divine effort!

How fortunate are we to welcome 108 Centres of Inspiration in Bhagyanagaram (Hyderabad), Bharath (India)!

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji never ever compromises on the right way to execute a task. HH always works towards preserving the authenticity of any structure that reflects history, including the temple of Tirumala! Under the able guidance of such great acharya, we will soon witness these 108 Divya Desams commemorating millennium birth year of Ramanujacharya!