Uncertainty, Pain, Chaos, Fear in the world today has brought together great minds and good hearts at one place to help alleviate the situation! The direction at which world is heading alarmed several thinkers and truth-seekers!

40 such scholars, 3 such professors hailing from various parts of the country and the world gathered at JIVA campus to discuss how Sri Ramanujacharya’s philosophy can help society reform itself to harmony and peace. Ramanujacharya spoke of things that bring change in the way people think about each other, thereby paving path to love one another and grow together both at spiritual level and social level.

Any physical attribute can never be same for two entities. It is only spiritual connection that can put down the differences and find a common ground for loving each other!

Speaking at the inaugural session Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji said, ‘A good heart cannot watch hatred or fights, it provokes one to act for resolving and bridging the ones involved. The objective of the seminar is to bring out how all the aspects of Ramanujacharya’s philosophy are absolutely relevant and necessary in today’s situation.

The effects of scientific discoveries that serve the luxuries and greed of mankind are bound to collapse us, sooner or later! For example: A decade ago, scientists in America discovered a feed for cattle that increased the yield by a great fold. But, only years later they found out that the feed is the reason for foot and mouth disease killing 400,000 cattle.

Unless we act now to go back in tradition and thoughts on a life style employed by great thinkers like Ramanujacharya, our future will get worse. The use of technology for unnecessary objectives is harmful. Ramanujacharya established philosophy that elite, common man, bureaucrats and rulers can all agree and be happy.’

Swamiji added, ‘The way you think defines how you respond to a situation. What is a necessary objective for any being? where to draw lines? and how to move ahead together? are all simple questions but need proper answers! Any answer may seem right in the beginning but ‘a philosophy that builds harmony among every being, not only humans but all species from the level of spirit’ is to be adopted’. That is the philosophy of Ramanujacharya and it is a pleasure to see scholars and professors assemble to address current day situation based on the philosophy.’

Scholars hailed from across the nation like New Delhi, Tirupati, Melkote, Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore, Nagpur, Pondicherry, Kanchipuram, Hyderabad, of India and Harvard, Emmauel College, University of Virginia, College of Idaho of America!

Director, JIVA Research and Publications, Sriman Dr. S.V. Rangaramanujacharyulu is heading the event and is extremely delighted to host the speakers for this great cause!

Audience felt like they are living the age of Ramanujacharya! One of the speakers said, ‘Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami is this millenium’s Ramanujacharya! An observer said referring to Swamiji, ‘It is only a man with great heart who can do such a magnanimous effort!’ A scholar said, ‘Statue of Equality will soon become the centre of all great learning and upliftment’

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