Spreading a good word, sharing a good thought, and serving the right cause can transform the lives of many. What can we do to show our gratitude to someone who shared with us the greatest wisdom of all times, to the one who craved to bring the suffering into salvage? While nothing can match the extreme warmth and care from Bhagavad Ramanuja, we can at least share the wisdom he showered and follow his path.
We present to you the latest updates on Dynamic Fountain which symbolises the continuous showers of gratitude towards Bhagavad Ramanuja. We also present to you the updates on the Statue and the Bhadravedi.

  • Copper Plate work of the Dynamic Fountain is expected to be complete by July 20th
  • The fabrication of action mechanism is expected to be shipped by 4th week of July
  • The production of the sheet metal of the flagpole is complete
  • The grinding of the copper plates of the big statue is also complete
  • The welding of the copper plates of fifth level of body are fixed
  • The grinding of lotus petals of fourth and fifth level is complete

Welcoming you all to take part in this humongous effort of re-establishing the virtues of oneness and equality through the Statue of Equality!

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