Project Overview:

Dedicating Ramanuja Statue to the world in Early 2018-2019. The estimated cost of constructing the Statue is approximately Rs. 400 crores


Sri Bhagavad Ramanujacharya (216 feet)

Bhadravedi (54 feet)

Gold Deity of Ramanujacharya at the Altar

A Musical Fountain (42 feet)

Hanuman at entrance (Mandapam 45 ft & Deity 18 ft)

Garuda at entrance (Mandapam 45 ft & Deity 18 ft)

Construction of 108 Divyadesams and Compilation of Online Digital Library


108 Diyvadesams

Digital Online Library

Each Divyadesa will have Vimanam, Ardha Mandapam, Deities etc.

108 Divya Desams

Technology and  Exhibits


A grand hall with global leaders who stood for Equality.

  Haritha Aramam – a place to experience peace in tranquil surroundings

Omnimax theatre