Once you step into the Statue of Equality premises, senses get succumbed into the beauty of the monument, exquisite work in progress, and detailed design at work. The entire structure reflects our identity and the joy everyone (irrespective of colour, creed, gender, religion etc) is entitled to.

An exclusive update on the progress just for our dear readers! We thank and congratulate everyone involved in this beautiful and humungous effort to establish the right way to restore peace.

  • 75% of the artisan work in the first floor of Bhadravedi, the stage in honour of Ramanujacharya, is complete
  • 32 Pillars are getting ready to depict 32 Bramha Vidyas. The drawings are in progress and Sri Swamiji himself is directing all the elements involved in these drawings.
  • Laying of pink stone for the 108 steps leading to Ramanujacharya’s 216-foot statue has started. Inclusion of lighting beneath these steps has also been planned and in works.
  • With a circumference of 190 foot, a lotus shaped ground work is in progress around the Dynamic Fountain that stands right at the foot of the 108 steps
  • A tunnel that will lead visitors from entrance to a storage area for belongings and then to exit has also been worked out. The construction will begin soon.
  • Laying of beautifully shaped and carved stones for 72 centres of inspiration, the Divya Desams is in progress. Required material for the remaining 36 Divya Desams is also complete.
  • Peacocks, Elephants, Chariots, Parrots related carving work is in progress in villages near Mount Abu.

The benefits of following the lead of a great personality can only be experienced. Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji is the most erudite, practical and compassionate of modern times. While not compromising on the authenticity, Swamiji excels in the way He can explain the most complex concept to the ignorant individual. That is possible only because Swamiji believes that all of us irrespective of intelligent or ignorant are all equal in the eyes of God. How can all of us enjoy that equality? This structure will help generations understand it, experience it and feel privileged. Let us follow His lead and be part of the noble mission.

We depend on each one of you for meeting the costs involved. It is your chance to be part of it. Please don’t waste a moment, share the news with friends and family, and support us in establishing the foundation of true equality!